This is the road map for ick development. It does not stretch very far, because predicting the future is difficult. This road map also doesn’t give any dates, this is a hobby project. It’s also open for discussion.

Ick is now usable by others. If you try ick and have problems, do tell us, see the contact page for contact information.

Ick is by no means an abandoned project, but we’re taking a breather while waiting for other developments. Most importantly, ick will want a web UI, and that and other features will require end-user authentication. The Qvisqve software ick uses for authentication will be getting that support in 2018. Once it does, ick will start adding support for that.

Until then, the plan is to make small, incremental improvements to ick, fix bugs, improve documentation, smooth rough corners, and gather experience on using ick.

The long-term goal is to develop ick into a hosted service, which can be run on a commercial basis, without compromising on software freedom.

Roadmap towards hosted ick

Roadmap legend