This page collects requirementts for the Ick CI/CD system. It doesn’t cover requirements for related projects, which have their own pages (Muck, Yuck).

All of this document is open for discussion, clarification, and more detail and to be made more specific. For example, many requirements don’t have an actual acceptance test or measureable goal. Help adding those would be welcome!


  • USERS: Those who develop their own projects, and need a CI or CD system for helping them do that. They will use an Ick hosted by a HOSTER (which might be themselves, wearing another hat).

  • HOSTERS: Those who host Ick for themselves or others to use.

  • CONTRIBUTORS: Those who contribute to Ick itself. This includes those who write code for Ick, or documentation, translate the software or documentation, those who support Ick users, etc.


Each requirement has an ID (shown in upper case) so it can be referred to easily, if need be.

  • FREEDOM: Ick must be free software.

  • HOSTABLE: Ick should be “hostable”: those interested in doing so, should be able to provide an Ick instance for other people to use, without having to truse those other people. Hosters should be able to charge money for hosting Ick.

  • MIGRATION: Users should be able to pick any Ick instance they trust, and migrate between instances.

  • ISOLATION: Ick users should feel safe that their projects, builds, and build artifacts are unaffected and secure from prying by other users.

  • SECRETSTORE: Ick should provide users with a secure way to store “secrets”, such as SSH keys, PGP keys, and API access tokens, and use them securely in their projects, without the secrets leaking to other users.

  • SPEED: Ick should run builds reasonbly fast, without causing much overhead.

  • CONCURRENTBUILDS: Ick should be able to build different projects concurrently, whether for the same user or several.

  • CONCURRENTACTIONS: Ick should be able to build parts of a project concurrently, when the parts don’t depend on each other.

  • CONTAINERS: To simplify running them in containers, as few Ick components as possible should store data persistently, and should instead store them in backing services that are meant for persistent storage.