Current and past projects for ick development. A project is defined as anything that takes several steps to finish, where a step fits into roughly one work session (however long that may be for whoever does the task). A project should be completed within three months. Tasks longer than a work session, or projects longer than three months will be broken down during planning.

To add a project, add it a wiki page projects/201x/foo, where foo is a short name for the project. The page should have:

  • A title summarising what the project is about
  • A paragraph or two (but not more) explaining what the goal is
    • “When this is done, the world looks like this.”
  • A mention of when the project is due.
  • An include directive listing any blog posts that refer the project. See an existing project for an example.

Projects should be tagged with one of the following: active-project, finished-project, paused-project.

Active projects

These are currently being worked on.

Paused projects

These have had some work done, but are not currently being worked on.

Finished projects

These projects are finished and need no more work.

Insufficiently tagged projects

These projects do not have one of the required tags.