You can contact the ick project via email or IRC. For email, there are two mailing lists:

  • ick-discuss for all project discussions. If you have questions or problems, send mail to this address. (Your mail may get moderated unless you’re a subscriber, but please be patient.)

    You should subscribe to this list if the discussions interest you, or you like to help others using ick, or you want to otherwise contribute to the project.

    You should send patches to this list.

  • ick-announce for project announcements. You should subscribe to this list if you want to be notified whenever anything noteworthy happens in the ick project, such as when there is a new release of the software.

The IRC channel is #ick on the network. You should join the channel if you want to chat about ick, or to ask questions, or help others. If you don’t have an IRC client, this web service may be useful:

It’s best to not ask for help by directly mailing known project contributors. Public discussions allow everyone to help, and everyone can benefit from any help that is given. Private mails don’t have these benefits and put an unnecessary burden on the visible contributors.

There is also a room the Matrix chat network for ick. The room is called The client is popular for Matrix.

The ick project has a code of conduct. Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported by email to, which currently reaches the following people:

  • Lars Wirzenius