Lars as secretary failed to arrange any votes for the Ick project. This led to a situation where his term as secretary ended, and the project no longer had a secretary. Further, both Lars’ and Daniel’s voting memberships were to end on September 1. What was about to happen was that Lars’ membership ends, since his started earlier. This would make Daniel the only voting member, which would have prevented is membership from ending. Also, it would make him automatically be the secretary.

To fix the situation, Lars and Daniel decided unanimously to make Lars a temporary secretary so that he can have a vote on choosing a secretary. Lars and Daniel voted Lars to be secretary.

Lars then arranged a vote amend the governance rules by adding the following paragraph to the “Time and term limitations” section:

If the project loses its secretary (by term expiration or otherwise), and thus the project can’t hold votes, the voting members may appoint a temporary secretary by unanimously and publicly supporting a willing candidate to be secretary. Such support should happen within a 24 hour period, starting from a candidate announcing their willingness. The temporary secretary is empowered to run one vote, to choose the new project secretary.

This vote passed.