Today, three people met for most of the day in Helsinki to work on Ick. One of these was new to the project: Pyry. Also there was Ivan and me. We spent the day talking. No actual code was written, but we inducted Pyry to the project, and had extensive and detailed discussions about authentication.

Pyry and Ivan will be working together on the Ick web UI. They’ll be using React for the parts that run in the browser, and probably Python for the parts that form the “facade”. The facade will be necessary for OpenID Connect authentication using the authorization code flow, since that requires there to be a trusted component, the facade, to hold the access and refresh tokens. The browser isn’t to be entrusted with these.

We went over the OpenID Connect protocol in some detail. This will hopefully allow Pyry and Ivan to work on implementing the web ui effectively.

I would classify the day as a success, even if no code was written. The authentication part is a little tricky and it’s good to have more people understand it.