• How did we do this iteration? What went well? What’t didn’t? What can we improve for the future?


This is the retrospective for planning meeting:

what Who Done
Implement the git_mirror action Lars yes
Implement a get_sources pipeline Lars yes
Document the get_sources pipeline Lars yes
Review get_sources documentation Daniel yes
Add a way to install pipelines with Ansible Lars no

Excuses: Lars realised that installing pipelines with Ansible leads to complications, and dediced not to do that. For example: if sysadmin installs pipeline foo, and user modifies foo, should foo be reset to the version from ick2.git when ick is upgraded? Should users be able to modify foo in the first place?

Instead, Lars changed the controller to handle projects and pipelines with slashes, and added to ick2.git some sample pipelines that are prefixed with ick/ in their names. We can revisit how these can be installed automatically later on.

What went well?

  • Most things.

What didn’t go well?

  • Slight snafu in the planning of the Ansible task.

What can we improve for the future?

  • All fine for now.