• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • The goal of this iteration is to implement the git_mirror specification. This includes implementing a pipeline that also does the “checkout” part.

  • Additionally, this iteration we start a “standard library” of ick pipelines: pipelines that are installed to ick when it’s installed, before any users create their pipelines.

Roadmap for this iteration

  • N/A

Current projects

  • N/A

Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what Who estimate(h)
Implement the git_mirror action Lars 2
Implement a get_sources pipeline Lars 2
Document the get_sources pipeline Lars 1
Review get_sources documentation Daniel 0
Add a way to install pipelines with Ansible Lars 1
Total Lars 6

Task descriptions

  • Implement the git_mirror action: Add a new action git_mirror to the worker manager, according to spec.

    Acceptance criteria: It’s deployed to the demo site, and a test project using it builds OK and mirrors (first run) or updates (additional runs) the mirrors.

  • Implement a get_sources pipeline: See the spec. The get_sources pipeline should use git_mirror to update mirrors of the relevant source code, and additional actions to check out the relevant source code version.

    Acceptance criteria: A test project using the pipeline correctly checks out a non-master branch of at least two git repositories.

  • Document the get_sources pipeline: Put the pipeline in the ick source repository, and add YAML comments to explain how it works.

    Acceptance criteria: Someone else reviews the comments, and says they’re sufficient to understand how to use the pipeline.

  • Review get_sources documentation: Review pipeline documentation: does it seem clear how the pipeline should be used, after a quick skim?

    Acceptance criteria: Have read the docs, told Lars if they’re any good.

  • Add a way to install pipelines with Ansible: Install any pipelines in the ick source tree into the Debian packages, and change initial startup so that they’re available for users to use in their projects.

    Acceptance criteria: The get_sources pipeline is usable by a test project in a fresh ick instance.