• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • This iteration is about making ick more usable by Daniel and others.

Roadmap for this iteration

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Current projects

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Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what Who estimate(h)
Write spec for “multi-git” feature Daniel, Lars 1
Change icktool make-it-so to do PUT before POST Lars 1
Fix icktool trigger to give better error messages Lars 1
Change icktool to download from the artifact store Lars 1
Add an action to archive only parts of workspace Lars 1
Total Daniel 1
Total Lars 5

Task descriptions

  • Write spec for “multi-git” feature: Daniel, and others, will want to construct the source tree from overlaying multiple git repositories. Currently the git action only allows one. Write a spec for a new git action that can do what Daniel wants.

    Acceptance criteria: Both Lars and Daniel are happy with the spec: it should allow Daniel to do what he wants, and Lars is happy to implement it.

  • Change icktool make-it-so to do PUT before POST: Currently, make-it-so tries to POST (create) each project, and if it fails, does a PUT (update) instead. For most use, this means the POST fails, and that takes time. Change it to do PUT first, saving half the HTTP requests.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars can use make-it-so on his production ick and it is not slower than before the change.

  • Fix icktool trigger to give better error messages: Triggering a project that doesn’t exist, or a project that references a pipeline that does not exist, currently gives very confusing error messages. Change the controller to give a more humane error message.

    Acceptance criteria: The error messages explain what is wrong, not using HTTP status codes and Python stack traces.

  • Change icktool to download from the artifact store: There is currently no good way for a user to download an artifact from the artifact store, without using ssh to log into the server. Change qvisqve configuration to allow the necessary scopes, and icktool to request those scopes, and icktool to have a command for getting a blob from the artifact store and write it to stdout.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars can download an artifact manually from the artifact store.

  • Add an action to archive only parts of workspace: It would be nice to store, in the artifact store, only some of the files from the workspace. For example, only the Debian packages built by ick. This would allow a user to download only those, and not have to download a very large artifact.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars can create a project that builds a file in /workspace, archives that in the artifact store, and Lars can then download that artifact.