• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • The goal of this iteration is to produce enough ick installation instructions and user manual to allow Daniel to try setting it up for himself for building Gitano.

Roadmap for this ALPHA cycle

  label: ALPHA-6
    - docs
    - releases
    - invite

  label: |
    Invite people to
    try out ick for
    - docs
  status: next

  label: |
    There's sufficient
    docs for others to
    install ick for
    themselves and to
    use an ick instance
    - install_docs
    - use_docs
  status: next

  label: |
    Update installation
    docs enough that
    Lars thinks someone
    could follow them
    and set up an ick
  status: next

  label: |
    Update basic use
    tutorial enough that
    Lars thinks someone
    could use an running
    ick instance.
  status: next

  label: |
    Ick can build and 
    publish Debian 
    packages of projects

Current projects

  • N/A

Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what Who estimate(h)
Update existing installation docs Lars 2
Update existing user docs Lars 2
Clean up Ansible playbooks Lars 2
Invite people to try Lars 0
Total Lars 6

Task descriptions

  • Update existing installation docs: Review the existing installation docs, in the INSTALL file and on the website. Combine them to one doc on the website, and update that.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars can mechanically follow the installation steps to set up a new ick instance.

  • Update existing user docs: Review the existing docs (mainly on the website). Add material to cover concepts (copy from arch doc, maybe). Add example project definitions and icktool example command lines. Add a walkthrough of an example from a fresh, empty ick instance until a simple project has been built and published in the ick APT repository.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars can mechanically follow the example steps steps to set up and build a new project.

  • Clean up Ansible playbooks: Review the Ansible playbooks for setting up ick. Refactor them so they’re easy for someone else to use, by only providing a fresh “vars” file to Ansible. Document all the variables that need to be defined.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars’s personal instances are set up using the same playbooks, using a vars file for his needs. Also, the updated installation instructions use the updated Ansible playbooks.

  • Invite people to try: Invite at least Daniel to set up and use an ick instance, following the updated documentation.

    Acceptance criteria: At least one person tries and tells us how far they got.