Ick is a continuous integration (CI) system. It is starting to be ready for you to use for real, at least for simple projects. See http://ick.liw.fi/ for more information.

The fifth ALPHA version (0.52) of ick has now been released. The hightlight feature is notifications: ick can now send an email with the build log after a build finishes. Other changes can be seen in the NEWS file snippet below.

The ALPHA-6 cycle of ick development will concentrate on improving documentation (both sysadmin and user documentation), as well as making the deployment process smoother. By the end of ALPHA-6 we will invite people to try ick for real.

Development continues, see the roadmap for what’s planned.

NEWS for ick2, a CI server

Version 0.52, released 2018-06-11

  • Add a notification service, which sends the build log when a build ends. Also, make the controller invoke the notification at the end of each build.

Version 0.50, released 2018-04-28

  • Add populate_workspace action.

Version 0.49, released 2018-04-27

  • The rsync action now deletes files from the target if they’re not in the source.

Version 0.48, released 2018-04-27

  • New action to do git clone or git remote update.

  • New action to do rsync -av from a directory in the workspace to a remote server.

  • New action to do dput *.changes in the root of the workspace, to upload Debian packages to the APT repository that is part of an ick cluster.

Version 0.47, released 2018-04-25

  • Worker manager now sets LC_ALL and DEBIAN_FRONTEND variables inside the container.

  • Each action in a pipeline MUST now have a where field. Previously you could leave it out and it would act as if where: host was specified.

  • All commands run by worker manager now get their stdin redirected from /dev/null.

  • icktool delete command can now delete projects and pipelines.

Version 0.46, released 2018-04-22

  • The populate_systree action now takes the name from the systree_name parameter, if no systree_name field is given, or its value is auto.

  • New command: icktool show-latest-log PROJECT.

  • icktool make-it-so now accepts filename from which to read project and pipeline descriptions.

  • icktool --no-verify-tls now actually works.

Version 0.45, released 2018-04-21

  • Force new release, since the previous one failed to build right. Again. This is why I am writing CI software.

Version 0.44, released 2018-04-21

  • Force new release, since the previous one failed to build right.

Version 0.43, released 2018-04-21

  • icktool status is now faster. Previously it was linear to the number of projects, now it is as fast for one as for a hundred. Also, the list of projects is now sorted by project name.

  • icktool show-log has been added.

  • icktool show can show any JSON resource (not logs) and needs to be given the URL path component.

  • icktool make-it-so now updates existing projects and pipelines.

  • icktool trigger now takes any number of projects to trigger on the command line.

Version 0.42, released 2018-04-20

  • icktool status, icktool trigger commands added.

  • icktool build-graph PROJECT [BUILD-ID] command added. It writes out a .dot file for showing the build graph for a build. Feed that to dot(1) for processing. Works for a running build as well as older builds.

Version 0.41, released 2018-04-20

  • icktool is now the rewritten version.

  • The controller now allows triggering an entire project, instead of a pipeline in a project. Additionally, when the project build starts, all actions from all pipelines are queued for the build.