• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • This iteration is about adding notifications about builds.

  • Lars already accidentally added a rudimentary notification service, which can send the emails. What remains is to have the controller have those notifications triggered at opportune moments.

Roadmap until ALPHA-6

  label: ALPHA-6
    - alpha5
    - docs

  label: ALPHA-5
    - notifications
    - release_builds

  label: |
    ick builds,
    its own .debs
    (release builds
    from signed tags)

  label: |
    ick has a
  status: next

  label: |
    there's sufficient
    docs for others to
    install ick for

Current projects

  • N/A

Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what Who estimate(h)
Add a notification action to worker-manager Lars 1
Change controller to create notification actions Lars 1
Change Lars’s ick deployments to use an SMTP server Lars 1
Total Lars 3

Task descriptions

  • Add a notification action to worker-manager: Add an action: notify to the worker-manager, with fields recipients, build, and log, to be given to the notification service. Also add the field url, which has the URL to the notification service endpoint.

    Add a controller configuration variable for the notification endpoint. Change Ansible playbooks to set that variable.

    The action shall do a POST to the given URL, with a JSON body with the three fields.

    Add to ickdev.yaml a manully triggered notification action.

    Acceptance criteria: Running test-ick, which uses ickdev.yaml, results in a notification email being sent.

  • Change controller to create notification actions: Change the controller to look for a notify field in project specifications, and if it’s there, to create a notification action at the end of each build of the project. The notify project field should have list of email addresses, to be given to the notify action as the recipients field.

    Add notify fields to projects in ickdev.yaml. Remove manually triggered notification actions.

    Acceptance criteria: Running test-ick results in notification emails from each project builds ending.

  • Change Lars’s ick deployments to use an SMTP server: The ick-cluster playbook should add a notification service to the controller host, and configure its SMTP access entirely via Ansible variables.

    Acceptance criteria: test-ick passes and notification emails are received by the recipients.