• How did we do this iteration? What went well? What’t didn’t? What can we improve for the future?


This is the retrospective for planning meeting:

what Who Done
Write a deploy-and-test script Lars yes
Change APT to keep old versions Lars yes
Fix WM to fail if artifact upload fails Lars yes
Get systree name from parameter Lars yes
Fix WM to really set env vars Lars yes
Run actions with stdin from /dev/null Lars yes
Change the debmirror action to have a default mirror Lars yes
Remove unnecessary scripts from source Lars yes
Identify worker from token, not path Lars yes
Require an explicit where on all actions Lars yes
Add icktool show-latest-log command Lars yes
Add icktool delete command Lars yes
Change icktool make-it-so to accept filenames Lars yes

What went well?

  • The script to deploy and test to a set of test VMs took much longer than estimated.

What didn’t go well?

  • N/A

What can we improve for the future?

  • N/A