• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • This iteration aims to finish the ALPHA-1 development cycle and culminates in its release.

Roadmap for this iteration


    label: |
      Write an
    status: next

    label: "Make project appealing"
      - manual
    status: next

    label: "Write an announcement"
    status: next

    label: "Announce ALPHA-1 publically"
      - marketing
      - announcement
    status: next


Current projects

  • None

Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what project Who estimate(h)
Check blob uploads, downloads n/a Lars 0..2
Write icktool manual n/a Lars 0..1
Make ALPHA-1 release n/a Lars 0
Draft public announcement n/a Lars 0..1
Gather feedback of announcement n/a Lars 0..1
Post announcement n/a Lars 0
Total Lars 0..5

Task descriptions

  • Check blob uploads, downloads: Set up an ick instance, build a systree, make sure it works. This is to test recent changes that do uploads and downloads via shell pipelines instead of keeping the whole blob in memory at once.

    Acceptance criteria: Build using systree blobs works.

  • Write icktool manual: Write a manual for icktool on the website. Enough to allow somone with access to an ick instance to set up a project and build it.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars is happy with it.

  • Make ALPHA-1 release: Tag and build the release that will be announced as ALPHA-1.

    Acceptance criteria: Debian packages are available on

  • Draft public announcement: Draft the announcement of ALPHA-1 and circulate it among friends for feedback.

    Acceptance criteria: URL to draft is shared with #ick, and some friends.

  • Gather feedback of announcement: If there’s feedback on the announcement draft, gather it and update the draft as needed.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars is happy with the new announcemnt version.

  • Post announcement: Post the ALPHA-1 announcement to suitable places.

    Acceptance criteria: It’s posted to Lars’s blog and in the news section, and possibly elsewhere.