• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • This iteration is about bug fixing and enabling others to deploy ick for themselves.

Roadmap for this iteration


    label: "Fix known bugs"
    status: next

    label: "All known bugs fixed"
    - fix_bugs

    label: |
        Write howto for 
        setting up ick
    status: next

    label: "Write a manual"

    label: "Make project appealing"
      - manual
      - setup_manual

    label: "Provide ick demo service"

    label: "Make ick2 be easy to try"
      - demo_service
      - works

    label: "Write an announcement"

    label: "Announce ALPHA-1 publically"
      - easy_to_try
      - marketing
      - announcement

Current projects

  • None.

Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what project Who estimate(h)
Configure StrictHostKeyChecking to no Lars 0..1
Rename pipeline name field to pipeline Lars 0..1
Fix build numbering Lars 0..2
Change icktool to show latest/current log Lars 1..2
Change icktool to show build ok/fail Lars 0..1
Write HOWTO for deploying ick Lars 1..3
Use containers in a real build Lars 2..3
Total Lars 4..11

Task descriptions

  • Configure StrictHostKeyChecking to no: Lars’s CI instances mostly build websites and those need to rsync the results over ssh to a web server. For this to work smoothly on a new instance, ssh should accept the host key of the web server the first time. This is perhaps not a great security decision, but good enough for now.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars can set up a new ick instance with Ansible and have it build without any manual changes.

  • Rename pipeline name field to pipeline: Currently it’s called “name” and that’s inconsistent and inconsistency is annoying. It’s early, there’s only one user, so there’s time to change this.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars has changed all his personal pipelines to use the new field name and it works.

  • Fix build numbering: Currently all builds for all projects number builds sequentially and this leads to clashes. Change build numbering to be foo/n, where foo is the project name, and n is the build number for that project.

    Acceptance criteria: Yarns have been changed to expect the new build numbering and code has been changed to the yarns pass.

  • Change icktool to show latest/current log: Currently, the user has to manually specify which log to show. When the log number changes every run, this is an unnecessary bit of friction. Change icktool to show the latest build log for a project.

    Acceptance criteria: Manual testing shows this works.

  • Change icktool to show build ok/fail: The “icktool status” command does not currently show if the latest build for a project/pipeline combo was successful or failed. The user has to check that manually by viewing the log. Change icktool to show the ok/fail status.

    Acceptance crieria: Manual testing shows this works.

  • Write HOWTO for deploying ick: Write a page on to document how one would go about setting up an ick instance.

    Acceptance criteria: If there’s a volunteer, they can set up their own ick instance by following the document. If there’s no volunteer, Lars is happy with it.

  • Use containers in a real build: Containers may or may not work, they’ve not been used in anger yet. Set up a project and pipeline to run unit tests for some smal project in a container, installing any build dependencies into the container.

    Acceptance criteria: Manual testing shows this works.