• How did we do this iteration? What went well? What’t didn’t? What can we improve for the future?


This is the retrospective for planning meeting:

what project? Who Done
Implement “where: chroot” in actions Lars yes
Add an archive action Lars yes
Set up systree for a pipeline Lars yes
Implement “where: container” Lars yes
Make a relase Lars yes
Upgrade production instance Lars mostly

What went well?

  • Significant new functionality was added.

  • Adopted a logo and a constitution for the project.

What didn’t go well?

  • Last minute mysterious problems with actually using new functionality. May have been deployment issue.

  • Had to back off from already implemented changes, undo those, and rewrite some functionality. Specifically, I had originally implemented a way for the controller to tell the worker manager to empty the workspace as a flag in the work resource. This made things needlessly complicated, when adding more functionality (populating a systree). So I ripped that off and added a “create workspace” step explicitly, not as a flag. Better architecure and implementation this way.

What can we improve for the future?

  • Test releases better. Automatically and manually.