In order to bootstrap the constitution into effect, the following happens now:

  • I started the Ick project. I’ve written all the code. It is entirely and only my project at this moment. I am the supreme leader and dictator of the project.

  • Using my dictatorial powers, I declare unilaterally that version 1.0 of the constitution (see governance) is now in effect. I name myself as the the voting member and project secretary. From here-on, the constitution applies and any further changes will be made following rules set in the constitution. As a consequence, I am no longer the dictator. Down with the tyrant! Power to the people!

  • As the first formal decision, I as secretary have held a vote by asking myself what the voting procedure will be. The result is that as long as there are no other voting members, I just ask myself. When we have a few other voting members, we’ll hold votes on IRC or email. If the project grows larger, we’ll arrange something more secure, but it’s premature to do that now.

  • As the first consensus decision I declare that the project will be using as the git server, and use ikiwiki as the static site generator to create the website.