• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • The goal of this iteration is to have parametrised pipelines. Currently, Lars is running ick2 to update two static websites, with near-identical copies of the pipeline. The only differences are the git URL from which the website source gets retrieved, and the rsync target to which the result gets sent. This duplication needs to be fixed, and that is done by adding pipeline parameters.

Current projects

  • None.

Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what project Who estimate(h)
Document how parameters work, are implemented Lars 1h
Implement project, pipeline parameters Lars 2h
Make a release Lars 1h
Convert Lars’s pipelines into one Lars 1h
Total Lars 5h

Task descriptions

  • Document how parameters work, are implemented: Update the architecture document on the website with a description of how project, pipeline parameters work, in enough detail that someone else could do the implementation.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars is happy to do the implemention based on the documentation.

  • Implement project, pipeline parameters: Implement the parameter design.

    Acceptance criteria: The yarns have been updated to use parameters, and to test them, and they pass.

  • Make a release: Make a new release with support for parameters.

    Acceptance criteria: The release is available on

  • Convert Lars’s pipelines into one: Upgrade ick on Lars’s instance, and update the project and pipeline definitions to use parameters.

    Acceptance criteria: Updating git:// results in getting updated automatically.