• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • The main goal for this iteration is to get a very rudiemntary blob service working.

Roadmap to ALPHA-1

Current projects

  • None.

Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what project Who estimate(h)
Register worker automatically Lars 1h
Give worker sudo via Ansible Lars 1h
Define blob service API Lars 1h
Implement blob service Lars 4h
Total Lars 7h

Task descriptions

  • Register worker automatically: Change the worker-manager to register itself to the controller when it starts up.

    Acceptance criteria: Deploy a test instance, check manually that there is a registered worker after the test instance has started.

  • Give worker sudo via Ansible: Change the Ansible playbook that deploys an Ick instance to give the worker-manager user (_ickwm) passwordless sudo access to run debootstrap.

    Acceptance criteria: Deploy a test instance with a project and pipeline use the debootstrap pipeline step and check that it successfully builds a system tree.

  • Define blob service API: Write an API specification, in the form of a yarn scenario, for the simplest possible blob service API. It should be able to store a blob under a name, and retrieve the blob (same bytes, disregarding metadata such as content-type) using that name later.

    Acceptance criteria: Yarn scenario exists, is implamented, and as far as it can, it runs successfully. It’s OK for it to fail because the blob service hasn’t yet been implemented.

  • Implement blob service: Implement a blob service according to the minimal specification. It needs to work, it does not need to be performant in this iteration. Also add an Ansible playbook for deployment. Add support for storing and retrieving blobs to icktool.

    Acceptance criteria: The blob service yarns pass, locally and against a deployed instance. Deploying an ick2 instance results in a blob service also running.