• Discuss and decide goals for this iteration.


  • This iteration is for cleanup and bug fixing.

Current projects

Tasks for this week

Tasks may be part of a project or be random small ones (max an hour) that just need doing.

what project Who estimate(h)
Add icktool manpage liw 1h
Clean up controller code liw 2h
Fix PUT to nonexistent resource liw 1h
Make icktool read YAML, send JSON liw 1h
Make icktool show all piplines, their latest builds liw 1h
Set up ick2 to update triggered by gitano liw 1h
——————————————– ———- —– ——
Total liw 7h

Task descriptions

  • Add icktool manpage: icktool does not have a manpage. Write one. Have install it.

    Acceptance criteria: The manpage is installed by the ick2 .deb package.

  • Clean up controller code: The module is a bit messy. Break it into smaller modules, clean up each to be clean code. Add missing unit tests.

    Acceptance criteria: Lars is happy with the code.

  • Fix PUT to nonexistent resource: Add a yarn test, and possibly unit test, to verify PUT to a non-existent resource fails. Fix the code so it does fail.

    Acceptance criteria: Test is implemented and code passes.

  • Make icktool read YAML, send JSON: Writing JSON manually is awkward (trailing commas!), but YAML is much more user-friendy. It would be easy for icktool to read YAML (the subset that is JSON-equivalent) and send JSON to the controller API. Make it so.

    Acceptance criteria: There are examples of icktool input in YAML in the source tree. They’ve been manually tried.

  • Make icktool show all piplines, their latest builds: Modify icktool to list all pipelines in all projects and the status of their current build or latest finished build if they’re currently idle.

    Acceptance criteria: Manual testing indicates this works.

  • Set up ick2 to update triggered by gitano: Lars already has an ick2 instance on his laptop, with a project that generates and publishes the website from markdown in git using ikiwiki. This works, but the build needs to be triggered manually. Set up an instancein the cloud such that it can be triggered by the git server automatically upon changes being pushed to master.

    Acceptance criteria: The site is updated within a minute of changes being pushed to the master branch of the git repository backing the site.